Spring and Plunger for Kayak Seat

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Use this part kit to repair a kayak seat such as those found in Wilderness Systems Phase3, Phase3 Lite, AirPro, CSS and Perception Zone DLX seat backs. Kit includes all the replacement parts needed to fit the seat hinge of recreational kayaks made by Wilderness Systems.
This small plug and spring can get lost easily, and without it your seat back will not function properly.
The black plunger is made of hard plastic. The small end is 7/16 of an inch in outside diameter. The large end is 11/16 of an inch in outside diameter. The steel spring inserts into the large end.

Spring part number 7900-0051, alternative part no. 9800058
Plunger part number 7900-0050, alternative part no. 9800059
Phase 3 seating is also used on the WindRider trimaran, model years 2002 through 2005. This part can be used as a replacement for Wind Rider sailboats for the model years 2002 through 2005.